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An Analysis of Das Boot Essay -- Das Boot Essays

Would could it be that makes the film, Das Boot, hang out in the plenty of war motion pictures? For what reason was this film, with captions and about German World War 2 troopers, mainstream enough in America to gain six Academy Award selections? One potential answer is the characters.   Like such huge numbers of different stories, the vibe of review joy goes past the extreme plot and into the multifaceted design and closeness of the structure squares of each story: the characters. Executive Wolfgang Petersen's dominance is in bringing the watcher into that shocking submarine, makes everybody a member in the frightfulness as one of the characters, making the sentiment of no way out. At that point, once Petersen has the watcher in the submarine, he presents us with a duality in character type; there are men resolved to rescue the strategic impede fiasco, just as other people who are defenseless in helping their companions, destined to be lacking and vexatious. Once Petersen has depicted this contention, it is anything but difficult to perceive how the degree of pressure is so high in the submarine.   The film starts with the submarine team alcoholic and convivial, endeavoring to make the most of their last minutes before their flight. Realizing that the chances of returning alive are negligible, the men seem to tossing their instinct to the stars as they skip stupidly and even blandly. Petersen is giving the watcher a gathering of unruly young men brimming with life and not interested in their future, as a conspicuous difference with the men who show up at the Mediterranean port later in the film. As of now, all the men are rises to, prepared to go up against the ocean and serve their nation.   While in the submarine, the idea of these men changes. Never again are they a homogeneous gathering; rather various... ... thing he prefers his mindfulness to Hitler's talks, his fastidious dietary patterns, and promenading in his Nazi clothing, all disturb the team. His very nearness is an interruption to a team that necessities complete core interest. Despite the fact that he shows up as steady as the others, his style is unique, his disposition is excessively superfluous, and his manner is unreasonably improper for the submarine.   This duality is a huge segment of the pressure that lives in the vessel. Peterson is by all accounts making a difference he to support the previously mounting strain. Join this with the life-passing part of the strategic fantastic pressure is unavoidable. It is a boat for the most part loaded with ardorous men, however the rare sorts of people who don't fit are spears in the boat's side. Pederson's film is very serious and it must be said that this duality in character depiction upgrades this part of the film.

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How Issues Are Affected By the Political Spectrum Free Essays

On April 30, 1789, the United States of America chose our first president for lead our nation. At that point like clockwork from there on, another president is chosen. At the point when political decision opportunity arrives around most Americans know nothing about the issues in question as well as don't have the foggiest idea who is running. We will compose a custom article test on How Issues Are Affected By the Political Spectrum or then again any comparative subject just for you Request Now The two current competitors this year are Al Gore, the Democrat, and George Bush, the Republican. Three primary issues that the two gatherings manage are Social Security, Tax Reform, and Education. Contingent upon each candidate†s political stage, they can be put roughly on the political range. Knowing where an up-and-comer remains on the political range, you can expect how he would feel on specific issues. Standardized savings is an enormous issue this year in light of the fact that numerous residents are worried that they are paying the government disability charge, however with the present arrangement, the cash will run out when they get mature enough to utilize it. Al Gore anticipates approaching government managed savings and putting it and adding the intrigue picked up to it which in his words, â€Å"I will keep it in a lockbox. The intrigue reserve funds, I would return right to it. That expands the life for 55 years† (Issues2000. om). Gore†s plan identifies with the liberal side of the political range. Regularly most dissidents put stock in greater government association and less huge enterprises. He is stating that the standardized savings expense will go into a â€Å"lockbox† and no cash will be removed from it leaving everything to the administration. â€Å"Today nonconformists see government as shielding people from being mishandled by an assortment of legislative and nongovernmental powers, for example, showcase notions, business choices, and unfair practices† (Burns 243). This leads into why George Bush is a preservationist. He anticipates taking standardized savings and placing it under the control of our residents and permitting them to put their cash in stocks. Hedge needs to remove the cash from the government†s hands and put it in the individual†s hands. â€Å"†¦ I†m going to trust [young workers] at their choice to have the option to oversee, under specific rules, a portion of their cash to improve pace of return so that they†ll have a retirement plan in the future†¦ † (issues2000. com). Fundamentally he is attempting permit the â€Å"young workers† to control their standardized savings as opposed to the administration. This issue shows how two distinct sides of the political range can influence the manner in which they assault an issue. Expense Reform is another issue where the two up-and-comers contrast enormously. Al Gore accepts there ought to be a tax break for the lower class and white collar class families, however not for the rich class. This is valid for a typical liberal to state. They accept the administration should help the individuals who are out of luck and disregard the individuals who don†t. â€Å"Liberals†¦ incline toward that administration deal with the powerless, for the solid can about consistently deal with themselves† (Burns 244). With Gore†s plan, the regular family†s assessments would be the most reduced in fifty years. This is certainly dealing with the powerless piece of society, the ordinary family. Shrub, then again, says he needs a tax break for everybody. He accepts everybody ought to merit a duty alleviation, not simply the working class. This sounds great, yet actually the greatest cut would be in the high society, who truly needn't bother with a tax reduction. This fair shows how Bush is being moderate by helping the huge organizations, which make up the greater part of the high society. â€Å"Traditional moderates, for the sake of opportunity, are earnestly ace business† (248). Every applicant attempts to show why their expense change plans are better, however it just boils down to how every up-and-comer identifies with the political range. Another large issue this year is Education. The two competitors feel distinctively about this issue. Al Gore accepts that understudies who go to a bombing school would be permitted to go to more readily school until that school is revived under new administration. He likewise says that schools that are doing inadequately in understudy accomplishment would be given a store to enable them to improve. Any advancing school would be given budgetary honors to assist them with endeavoring to turn out to be better. This is viewed as a liberal view since he is stating that any feeble school will be assisted by the administration. Furthermore, he is supporting the improvement of certain schools that are not fulfilling the guidelines. George Bush concurs to some degree, yet he accepts that if a school is falling flat, they have three years to fix the issues. In the event that they don†t, they will be closed down and are requested to give some cash towards sending the understudies to different schools. He additionally says he would require testing be done each year. The schools that improve would get a reward while the schools that are falling flat would lose some government reserves (English present). Moderates are additionally disposed to accept that the individuals who bomb in life are here and there the modelers of their own hardship and in this manner must bear the principle duty regarding fathoming their own problems† (Burns 247). He is moderate by saying that the obligation of bombing schools is to fix the issues themselves. A few pieces of this issue, instruction, Gore and Bush concede to yet generally, they resemble on two distinct sides of the political range. Knowing where the up-and-comer is situated on the political range, each issue can be identified with how the competitor feels. Despite the fact that there are numerous issues a prospective president needs to talk about, there are certainly three primary issues that influence everybody some way or another. They all show a positive side of the political stage by every up-and-comer. Each candidate†s side was identifying with one side of the political range such, as Democrats will in general be liberal, while Republicans are viewed as moderate. Alluding back to the primary passage, perhaps we should demonstrate after our progenitors back when dominant part of our residents really thought about who was running and how they felt on the issues. Step by step instructions to refer to How Issues Are Affected By the Political Spectrum, Essay models

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9 Fatal Data Security Breaches That Could Kill Your Business

9 Fatal Data Security Breaches That Could Kill Your Business Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!9 Fatal Data Security Breaches That Could Kill Your BusinessUpdated On 27/10/2018Author : Ram kumarTopic : BusinessShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogData security is a sensitive measure every business should pay attention to. But despite its importance, some budding businesses don’t take it seriously. Consequently, they make fatal blunders that threaten their businesses.According to one study, the average data breach costs victim companies $15.4 million. Moreover, the cost of losing sensitive data increases by 19 percent every year. So, what does this tell us? It clearly shows that the data breach is a costly blunder with heavy financial consequences.In this post, I will discuss nine most deadly data security breaches that could kill your small business. Eventually, I hope that you will implement them in your business to protect it f rom falling victim to the consequences of compromised data security.OverconfidenceThough it might sound harmless, overconfidence is one of the leading mistakes many firms make. They assume that they are not real targets for cybercriminals. Consequently, they take no action within their power to protect their crucial business data. It is important to note that understanding your business is a qualified potential victim of cyber crimes is critical to survival. So, take early measures before the bad boys strike and cause disaster.Ignoring the SSL certificateDo you want to expose your business to cyber attacks? Then ignore the threats. Some businesses never take time to analyze the potential threats that face their websites. SSL certificates encrypt the information transfer between server to browsers. Customers don’t trust the site that doesn’t install SSL certificate. If you have a large business website and contains many subdomains than wildcard SSL is the best option for you. Thi s single certificate protects the main domain and it’s all subdomains easily. You can buy cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate from SSL2BUY that saves your money and secure website.Not Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)The second data security breach that could kill your business is failing to use a VPN. When you fail to use a VPN, you will not protect your business from hackers who waylay your online operations ready to steal your information. Through a VPN you can browse the web in complete anonymity. VPNs are great for accessing blocked websites or for bypassing Internet filters.Not Monitoring Data FlowsData flow is the lifeline of the modern business. Therefore, it is important to control and monitor its flow. However, most business owners fail to monitor the external flow of their information to ascertain who sent what and with whom they sent it. This way, it becomes hard for them to know what they should protect since they don’t know what is at risk. Consequently, they suffer in the hands of hackers since they access their sensitive information easily.READ7 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Company LinkedIn pageDepending on Outdated TechnologyTechnology is a great tool for protecting your business’s information. However, its ability to protect your business data depends on how current it is. Some business owners install technologies and then forget that tech evolves fast. Consequently, they end up with outdated tech in their businesses exposing themselves to cyber attacks. So, it is prudent to update all your business hardware and software tech to enable them to handle modern threats.Ignoring a Staff Exit ProtocolFailing to establish policies that regulate how employees exit your business is a potential data security threat. The reason is that when you hire workers, their job descriptions allow them to access some sensitive company information. When they leave, it is wise to have clearly spelled policies on how they will surrender access to all thi s information. Therefore, it is prudent to have them sign confidentiality agreements that legally compel them not to disclose the data when they leave the business.Not Using Security PluginsAnother data security breach that could kill your business is failing to use security plugins and extensions on their websites. Consequently, it becomes difficult for them to search for suspicious codes on their business websites.Lack of Senior Management ParticipationAnother information security breach in many businesses is the tendency of senior managers to delegate everything to the ICT manager. They forget that leadership starts at the top and that they too are targets of cyber criminals. Remember, without leadership involvement, the entire company will not take security seriously.Not Engaging Junior StaffThe last data security breach in many small businesses is the failure to include the junior staff. To balance the above breach, businesses should incorporate junior employees to ensure a sea mless flow from the top management downwards. Otherwise, engaging the senior management alone will do little to protect the company’s data. Remember, a study the IBM conducted shows that human error among workers accounts for more than 60 percent of all data security lapses!ConclusionSo far, I have discussed the leading nine data security lapses that expose small and large businesses to cyberattacks. I believe you are now in a better position to avoid them and secure your sensitive business data.

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Sacoyia Regazzi . Ms. Stoppel. U.S History . 5 May 2017.

Sacoyia Regazzi Ms. Stoppel U.S History 5 May 2017 Importance and Effects of the Japanese Internment Camps In 1942 the evacuation of the Japanese Americans from the West Coast was mainly because the FDR believed that after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Americans were inherently disloyal to the United States. This caused the President to issue evacuation of all Japanese Americans from the West Coast War zones, and they were forced to live in the internment camps. This caused much loss for them, and caused the Japanese Americans to have to fight for their freedoms. It is important for us to understand the historical event of Japanese Internment Camps, because it helps us understand why equality of races is so important, along†¦show more content†¦These camps made men feel powerless, and the women felt violated of their privacy. It made them also feel stripped of their civil rights (Psychological effects of camp). It also caused many families to be split apart for meals. Instead of the families eating together, the men would sit and eat with each other while the women sat alone and fed the young ones. (â€Å"From Citizen to Enemy: The Tragedy of Japanese Internment†). Along with these things, it caused violence to arise between the Japanese Americans and other races. It also created the separation of the races, which took out a whole part of society. After a year of being imprisoned, the Japanese Americans wanted to do something so they had freedom just like any other Americans. In 1943, Japanese Americans decided to enlist in the armed forces. The reason they did this is because they wanted to try and prove their loyalty to the United States as a whole. They also went to court to try and obtain their rights in the country. This caused the government later on in history to realize the wrong they did to the Japanese Americans. Once the Japanese Americans were released from the internment camps, the government decided to grant 20,000 to any of the surviving men and women that were in the internment camps. This helps us learn how the government was wrong, and why it is important for us to learn about it today. There are many reasons that us as United States citizens should learn about

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Social Media and Business Expansion - 1181 Words

Social media has without a doubt, reinvented the way business is done. Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest present an opportunity to capture the attention of potential customers while constructing a brand image. By creating a Facebook fan page, a company can update followers of the page with updates and information quickly and conveniently. Some companies go as far as to create applications for smart phone users as a way of reaching their audience. People are now connected on a global scale, with social media rapidly growing around the world. It is important to note both the positive and negative effects that social media has had on business, and why we should pay attention to the tour de force that social media has become in the business world. In the article titled, Negative Effects of Social Media on Business.† author Catherine Lovering sees the use of social media to be unfavorable and adverse to business. According to the article, a business that is accustomed to one-sid ed selling must adapt and learn to develop relationships with customers who are buying their product. Businesses also must take into consideration the effect that a negative comment or review may have on their success. Responding to these comments might not have a significant enough of an effect if an unsatisfactory review or comment has already been posted, and if it has been passed from website to website. She goes on to add that, â€Å"In the world of social media, the sheer numbers mean that onceShow MoreRelatedSwot Analysis Of Camerons Coffee1477 Words   |  6 Pagesrecruited through LinkedIn. Process will need to be put in place in order to support and facilitate the expansion of Cameron’s Coffee. Social media, big data and cloud computing are some services that can be used by Cameron’s Coffee in order to increase visibility in the market, cut cost and protect valuable data. In today’s business world, more than 90% of businesses engage in social marketing. Social media ‘†¦when it is done right, can lead to more customers, more traffic and more conversion (DeMers, 2014)Read MoreMcdonalds Expands Of Vietnam : Mcdonalds Essay1221 Words   |  5 Pages 6 McDonalds Expands to Vietnam Hieu Le Columbia Southern University Contents Expansion Planning 3 International Business Expansion 3 Regional Trade Agreement 4 Affordable Foreign Taxes 4 Financial and Technological Supports 4 Labor Hiring Methods 5 Advertising Strategies 5 Strategic Locations 5 Management Advisement 6 Conclusion 6 MCDONALDS EXPANDS TO VIETNAM Expansion Planning There are various essential reasons for McDonalds expands to Vietnam, include gain market sharesRead MoreSocial Media And Marketing Efforts1463 Words   |  6 Pages Social Media/Marketing Efforts Technology has allowed businesses to reach new markets and consumers; thus, allowing for a broader reach. The marketing efforts of the practice should be to attract new patients while keeping older patients satisfy with the services offered. The first thing the practice needs to do involves market segmentation, which allows the practice to reach their target segments and identify potential consumes that are being underserved by grouping them based on particular characteristicsRead MoreThe Brand Awareness Of Multinational Companies And Social Media Essay1741 Words   |  7 Pages2.4. The brand awareness of multinational firms and social media According to the content above, it is clearly to see brand awareness is the most important goal for multinational firms, Tomi Jokinen has undertaken a study about brand awareness on social media in 2016. Jokinen (2016) stated that brand awareness is a very important in brand equity, and increasing brand awareness is usually one of the most important goals of branding. â€Å"Brand recognition refers to the consumer’s ability to recognizeRead MoreEssay about English: The Most Important Language of Today885 Words   |  4 Pageslanguage of business as well (Clark). The importance of English is measurable by its increasing expansion in several nations around the world. The majority of Europe is beginning to speak English, leaving only five European nations that do not speak it as a popular foreign language, as stated in a Daily Mail online article by Steve Doughty (Doughty). The language is everywhere, from popular culture, western movies and music, literature, news, schools and more. The domination of English in media, its increasingRead MoreWimpy, Debonairs Pizza And Steers Essay1602 Words   |  7 Pagesfranchises is given as well as a SWOT analysis, Porter`s Five Forces Analysis, and a Pestle Analysis to investigate the three franchise and determine their investment value. The state of the economy in South Africa is very volatile and unfavorable for business, the challenges faced by these franchise in the wake of economic and political instability will be examined in this task as well along with strategies to handle the challenges. Debonairs Pizza is the leading take out and home delivery chain in AfricaRead MoreThe Role Of Social Media On The Marketplace Essay1743 Words   |  7 PagesCommunicating In the Marketplace The all encompassing Internet and more recent evolution of Social Media have not only fundamentally changed how corporations communicate internally, but also enabled before unimaginable methods of reaching a global marketplace. Unlike never before, even small businesses are now able to reach beyond their limited local market to a vast consumer base. As previously mentioned in regards to internal communication, the Internet has provided a medium for businesses toRead MoreMgmt 5501007 Words   |  5 PagesMGMT 550 Course Project- Business Proposal The Continuation of Stone Goose Brewery Page 1 Executive Summary Earlier in this class I had put together a power point presentation to the Board of Directors of Stone Goose Brewery. Stone Goose has been a very conservative company that had shower consistent growth since it’s inception in 2009. As the CIO of this company, it is my job to look for opportunities to grow this company. An opportunity had come our way to be the sole supplier Read MoreThe Downfalls of Topshop1059 Words   |  4 PagesFurther Global Expansion With Topshops heavy establishment in the UK and the beginning of expansion into North America, further focus on market penetration in markets outside of the UK is key. For example, China could be a profitable opportunity for Topshop due to its large population, which provides many potential customers. Success for the company Topshop is their established niche market of trendy and affordable attire targeted at youth. A primary example would be the expansion of the companyRead MoreThe Impact Of Modern Technology On Us And Our Society Essay1704 Words   |  7 Pageseveryday technology has begun to play and reshape humans daily lives. Technology has begun to reshape our society, which impacts many diverse aspects of our lives, weather it is in our own private live, businesses, and in education. Although the rapid expansion of the surrounding technology brought many positive improvements into our lives and our society, it can also brought negative impacts on our society and on ones elf. Today technology is largely beneficial to individuals for personal use, businesses

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How to Define Psychology - 5680 Words

QUESTION ONE Name Five Approaches to Psychology 1. Social Psychology Social psychology is about understanding individual behaviour in a social context. Baron, Byrne, and Suis (1989) defined social psychology as â€Å"the scientific field that seeks to understand the nature and causes of individual behaviour in social situations†. It therefore looks at human behaviour as influenced by other people and the social context in which it occurs. 2. Comparative Psychology This is a science which studies animal behaviour, although human behaviour is studied. There are several issues involved in the psychological study of animals; some of them resolvable by evidence and others more question whether to try to list the peculiarities of individual†¦show more content†¦As an emerging discipline, it integrates ideas from fields such as artificial intelligence, epistemology, linguistics, mathematics, neuroscience and philosophy. It maintains that behaviour can only be understood by studying the underlying mental processes, interaction between an organism and its environment influences its behaviour as well as its knowledge of the environment. How animals behave may not be applied directly to the study of human behaviour, but how machines learn maybe. Knowledge is not something that is acquired but something that is created by a learner based on what they already know. Cognitive psychology is often compared to behaviourism because of the acute co ntrast of the perspectives. Whereas behaviourism fails to address mental processes, cognitive psychology aims to create a coherent description of these processes characteristic of human kind. Unlike other perspectives in psychology, cognitive psychology’s reputation is based in experimentation and the scientific method. Its main goal is to explain how humans transform input into thought and actions by the complex and often mysterious process of cognition. Cognitive psychology addresses the unobservable nature of the human psyche and uses abstract constructs to produce observable behaviour resulting in a moreShow MoreRelatedHow Do We Define Environmental Psychology925 Words   |  4 PagesTo define environmental psychology, one must do so by considering the following four key features: â€Å"interactive approach; interdisciplinary and international; problem-focused, applied field; and diversity of methods† (Steg et. al., 2013, p. 5-6). To sum, interactive behavior is best understood by me as one’s interactions with nature and the effect nature ends up having on one after engagement has occurred. As a child, I grew up in Jackson County Forest in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. As well, withRead MoreEssay about How do we categorize oneself ?651 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Social Psychology Types of Self and Identity How do we categorize oneself? There are numerous ways to define our identity. During the course of this essay, I will analyse these methods in order to gain a better insight as to how we are able to define our identity and self. Social Psychologists (Tajfel and Turner, 1986; Hogg and Abrams, 1988) have long argued that there are two distinctive identity groups that help to define types of self. These two groups are social and personal identity. SocialRead MoreUsing Data Is Necessary For Conducting A Good Research876 Words   |  4 Pagestested and confirmed through observation and experimentation (Meltzoff, 2008). Psychology theory describes a behavior and make predictions about future behaviors, emotions, and thoughts of individuals (Krathwohl, 2009). The scientific theory and the psychology theory are both important in research. Both theories provide empirical methods and contribution that is useful to define worldly issues. Having a clear picture of how to develop a study that includes the adequate informa tion and steps for completingRead MoreBiological Psychology966 Words   |  4 Pages Individual Assignment: Biological Psychology Paper †¢ Resources: Assigned readings, Electronic Reserve Readings, the Internet, and/or other sources †¢ Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze biological psychology. Be sure to address the following items in your analysis: o Define biological psychology and examine its historical development. o Identify three influential theorists associated with biological psychology. o Describe the relationshipRead MorePractioner/Scholar Learning Model Essay978 Words   |  4 PagesOrientation to Graduate Learning In Psychology Heather Rajaniemi, BS Capella University August 25, 2012 Abstract In this paper I will discuss the concept Practitioner-Scholar Learning Model. I will compare this model with the Reflective-Practitioner Learning Model and explain what being a Practitioner-Scholar means to me as a learner at Capella and as a professional out in the working field. For me the first step in the completion of this assignment was to define the concepts of scholar, practitionerRead MoreSelf Fulfilling Prophecy By Rene Adler Essay1094 Words   |  5 Pagesseeing how the importance of the community, work and family (love) are critical for my survival and my personal satisfaction. Humanistic Psychology The Human Potential Movement was a time when thinkers began realizing that people naturally want to develop and naturally orient to human fulfillment, self-actualization and becoming their best self. Jessica Grogan, cultural historian and author, explores the humanistic psychology movement and traces how humanistic psychology continues to define the wayRead MoreMulticultural Psychology1156 Words   |  5 PagesMulticultural Psychology Anthony Stamatouras University of Phoenix May 3, 2010 Multicultural Psychology Multicultural psychology is something that is relevant in this day and age. Today, with a vast number of people of different minority attachments living together, the idea of multicultural psychology is a good thing. Multicultural psychology is a discipline that is closely related to cross-cultural psychology and in fact is difficult to make that distinction ( Weiner, Freedheim,Read MoreEssay The Science of Psychology: The Science of our Minds1006 Words   |  5 Pagesslip is how the mind inserts a detail from your subconscious that was not intended to be there however the mouth said another. The depth of the human mind is truly limitless from conception till death the mind is interpreting data and responding to the outcomes of life’s experiences. The sums of these equations make up the details in our conscious and sub conscious minds. Studying the details of our mind and how we interact with the world around us resides Psychology. What does Psychology meanRead MoreDefinition of Psychology1625 Words   |  7 PagesWhen asked to define psychology there so many thoughts that runs through my mind. Psychology is the scientific study of ones thoughts and behavior. People think psychologically every day for example when you try to explain what someone else is doing to another person. There are many fields of study that try to understand how people think and the actions they take. Psychology is used for many different reasons not only do they study the human behavior they also help mental patients and try to figureRead MorePsychology Module On Pre Entry Course1374 Words   |  6 PagesAs part of the Psychology module on Pre Entry Course, I have been instructed to define specific title from two chosen subject titles; therefore I have chosen to discuss the psychological theory on What is Attitude? I will use all research the basic knowledge of psychological research to define Attitude which relates to everyday Human Behaviour. I will be discussing the prospect on behaviour and using well- known Psychologists on their theory on attitudes that effect people behaviour. I will

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Red Badge Of Courage Essay About Women Example For Students

Red Badge Of Courage Essay About Women Red badge of courage By: zach stevenson E-mail: emailprotected The Red Badge of Courage The Red Badge of Courage, by Steven Crane, has been proclaimed one of the greatest war novels of all time. It is a story that realistically depicts the American Civil War through the eyes of Henry Fleming, an ordinary farm boy who decides to become a soldier. Henry, who is fighting for the Union, is very determined to become a hero, and the story depicts Henrys voyage from being a young coward, to a brave man. This voyage is the classic trip from innocence to experience. The story starts out with a heated debate between the soldiers. One boy had heard a rumor that the regiment would be moving on to fight a battle the next day. Some of the soldiers agree with this boy, while others think that their regiment will never partake in a real battle. While watching this argument, Henry, the protagonist, decides that he would rather go lay down and think rather then take part in the heated argument between the soldiers. Henry, a simple farm boy, is rather excited when he hears the rumor that they will be fighting soon. It had always been a dream of his to fight in a war, and become a hero, and now his dream was coming true. Henry begins to think about what life was like before he entered the army, and remembers the stories of war he has heard from old veterans. This flashback is very effective in showing how his previous experiences have affected his thoughts on war now. It is blatantly obvious that he is afraid that he will not be able to withstand the pressures of a battle. He keeps telling himself that if he wants to become a hero, he can not run away. He must stick out the battle with the rest of his comrades. While marching along, Henry sees the first corpse he has ever seen. He shows pity for the man, because the dead man had died in such poor conditions. The souls of his shoes were worn bare. When Henry sees the corpse, he begins to wonder if his generals actually know what th ey are doing. He thinks that the generals are leading him right into a trap, right into the middle of the rebels. Henry deals with his fear of battle by acting arrogant. He acts as if he has been in a thousand battles, and complains about the walking, even though the reader knows that he would rather be walking forever then go to battle at this point in time. It shows one of Henrys defense mechanisms, how he uses his arrogance to hide his innocence. Regiment 304 moves on to battle the next day. Henry becomes very scared, but is too proud to talk to any of the others soldiers about his fears. All the soldiers are very anxious to fight in the war, and Tom and Henry talk about how they are not going to run away from war, and how they want to become big time war heroes. This is ironic, because in the end of the book their wishes come true. When the battle starts, all the soldiers get very anxious and nervous. Tom and Henry dont turn out to be as brave as they think that they could be. W hile hiding, Tom finds Henry, and gives him a manila envelope of letters for his family. Tom believes that this will be his first and his last battle. Henry ends up fulfilling his worst nightmare. Instead of sticking out the battle with the rest of his regiment, he hides behind some brush in order to spare himself from dying. He listens in on the battle, and to much of his surprise, he hears cheering from whats left of his regiment. He then takes off into the woods in anger. While running through the woods his conscience begins to speak to him. His conscience calls him a coward, and a deserter. Out of guilt, Henry runs back to the battle site, and meets again with his regiment. 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